Innovations in Physician Vitality

Profiled Local Innovations

Dr. Michael Foutz of Advanced Family Medicine in Kuna shares his "Fixed Minute Visits" innovation, helping him stop playing Tetris with his clinical schedule every day. Boise family medicine physician Deb Roman, DO shares how the Idaho Physician Well-Being Action Collaborative has started to move the dial on reforming Prior Authorizations.



Since 2019, ACMS has been working to launch an initiative called the Capital Coalition for Physician Well-Being. The goals of that project, outlined on our more generic website, is to become a trans-local medical community that is broadly committed to prioritizing physician well-being in the process of delivering healthcare. The Coalition promotes the National Charter on Physician Well-Being (NCPW) as a local aspirational standard for the greater SW Idaho medical community and also recognizes our leadership impact within the entire state.

In 2021, our goal is to produce a broadly disseminated newsletter that highlights some of the works-in-progress or already implemented innovations in well-being in healthcare. We are also exploring the possibility of interviewing some of those leaders in our local area promoting changes and doing a deeper dive with them into the nuts and bolts of their initiatives. We want to highlight to others the importance of making changes that support well-being, even as the Coronavirus crisis begins to subside

To this end, we are now soliciting ideas, solutions in progress, or successfully implemented interventions that promote physician well-being from our local area. They could be at any of the commitment levels listed here. Please fill out the form here to submit yours.



Guiding Principles
  1. Effective Patient Care Promotes and Requires Physician Well-being
  2. Physician Well-being is Related with the Well-being of All Members of the Health Care Team
  3. Physician Well-being is a Quality Marker
  4. Physician Well-Being is a Shared Responsibility
 Societal Commitments
  1. Foster a Trustworthy and Supportive Culture in Medicine
  2. Advocate for Policies that Enhance Physician Well-being
Organizational Commitments
  1. Build Supportive Systems
  2. Develop Engaged Leadership
  3. Optimize Highly Functioning Interprofessional Teams
Interpersonal and Individual Commitments
  1. Anticipate and Respond to Inherent Emotional Challenges of Physician Work
  2. Prioritize Mental Health Care
  3. Practice and Promote Self Care

The National Charter on Physician Well-Being was developed by the Collaborative for Healing And Renewal in Medicine, under a grant from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, and copyrighted by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).