November 4, 2019
6-8:30 PM

Riverside Hotel

North Star Room

ACMS members are invited to join the Idaho Medical Association legislative team for a chance to meet local lawmakers and find out about IMA's 2020 legislative priorities, as determined by the IMA House of Delegates. 

This is an opportunity to promote discussion and understanding of the policies that IMA will be advocating for next year and share the impact they have on your patients and practice with your senators and representatives.

A free dinner will be served at The Riverside Inn, North Star room.



In addition, during the event we will be holding our required annual business meeting for members to vote on the proposed slate of ACMS officers and to vote on a membership dues increase.

We must gain a quorum of 30 voting physicians to enjoy business or the votes will go to the full membership electronically. 

If you are unable to attend the meeting and wish to cast your vote, you may do so by proxy by emailing director@adamedicalsociety.org and designated an eligible physician to vote in person for you.

Proposed Board Slate for 2019-2020

Board Officers

  • President, Stephanie Hodson, MD
  • President-Elect, Thomas Pintar, MD 
  • Secretary/Treasurer,  Alice Blake, MD 
  • Past-President, Micheal Adcox, MD 
  • James Whitaker, DO
  • Naya Antink, MD
  • Deb Roman, DO
  • Amy Baruch, MD
Residency Representative
  • Jeffrey Pennings, DO

Proposed Dues Increase for 2020

The ACMS Board voted to increase dues by $20 per year for most active physicians and $10 for half-time/administrative/teaching/government or resident physicians. This is the first dues increase since 1985 and reflects the need to keep ACMS infrastructure and staffing as robust as its programming has become.

ACMS Dues Portion
        A1 (first year licensee)
              A2 (second year licensee)
                          Part-time / Government /Admin / Teaching/ Research
                                                  Secondary Society Member (regardless of license)  $95  $105

                                                  Director: Steven Reames, director@adamedicalsociety.org  (208) 336-2930
                                                  Membership Assistant: Jennifer Hawkins, jennifer@idmed.org (208) 344-7888
                                                  305 W Jefferson Street Ste 101, Boise ID 83702  FAX (208) 336-3294

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