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Local Physicians as Well-being Resources

Some of our own members provide medical and consultation services that may be of use to other colleagues and ACMS accepts listing requests under the following conditions:
  • Listings are only available for current dues-paying members of Ada County Medical Society and ACMS receives no compensation for listings
  • Services and providers are not vetted or endorsed by ACMS for suitability for any particular issue
  • Members provided those services will not be compensated by ACMS under its PVP program
  • The ACMS board has final authority as to whether they deem a listing request appropriate for this section of our website
  • This listing service may be discontinued at any time by ACMS with or without notice

To submit your listing request, please fill out this form.

Abhilash Desai, MD*

Practicing local psychiatrist offering training stress management and resilience. Provides Pandemic-related mental health workshops for clinicians, residents, administrators and students dealing with negative ramifications of the Coronavirus Outbreak.

List of Workshops

  • Psychological Impact of Quarantine
  • Sustaining the wellbeing of healthcare professional
  • Embracing the responsibility of becoming role models of resilience and beacons of hope during this Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Reducing negative impact of social distancing on patients with dementia, autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia, intellectual disabilities, etc.
  • Creating systems of care in an organization (e.g., hospital, nursing home) to mitigate the psychological impact on patients, their family and healthcare professionals.

  • One Minute Meditations to reduce anxiety, abort panic and transform despair to hope.

  • Facilitates Mindfulness and Meditation group.

*Dr. Desai is the volunteer medical director of ACMS' Physician Vitality Program. 

Deb Roman, DO*

Board Certified Family Physician offering integrative medicine consultations to explore ways to enhance the body's inherent ability to heal and express health.

*Dr. Roman is an ACMS board member and member of the ACMS Physician Vitality Committee.  

Heather Hammerstedt, MD, MPH

Board Certified Emergency Medicine physician offering nutritional education, weight control consultations, and integrative care coordination and training for physicians and patients. 

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