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Reconnecting Your Heart

Sometimes the wear and tear of doing clinic day in and day out, working in the EHR, checking boxes, getting pre-authorizations, dealing with MACRA, HIPAA, and Meaningful Use...it can be mind-numbing, soul-crushing and it is easy to lose perspective. Why did I sign up for this in the first place?

Whether you volunteer a couple hours a week or a month in a free clinic or spend your vacation in a foreign country, using your medical skills without compensation can actually be more rewarding than a paycheck itself. Here's some opportunities we know of locally that you might want to connect with.


If you've never volunteered before, maybe a one-off commitment to try it out is your first step.

Central District Health Medical Reserve Corps

Local MRC volunteers provide a variety of services to their communities during an emergency situation including handing out supplies, signing people into shelters, or giving needed information. Medically trained MRC volunteers can also administer immunizations, provide health education, and offer medical support. All MRC volunteers may also assist in ongoing public health efforts, such as helping out at health fairs, during non-emergencies.

​Website | 208-327-8572

    Special Olympics Idaho MedFest Clinical Director Needed - Boise 

    Offers a free sports physical and other health screening services to people with intellectual disabilities. MedFest offers Special Olympics Idaho a fast and effective way to recruit new athletes and retain existing athletes by offering screening events. MedFest events are held 1-2 times per year in Idaho and dates are flexible.
    A Clinical Director may be a MD, RNP, DO, or a PA and serves as the primary authority for medical operations of the MedFest event. This role may include:

    • Recruiting and training volunteers
    • Finding referral networks
    • Enforcing the standard of care and improving protocols
    • Serving as the clinical authority if questions or issues arise at a MedFest event

    Website | 1-800-915-6510

    Muscular Dystrophy Association Boise Summer Camp Medical Staff Needed – McCall

    Each Summer, hundreds of volunteers serve as counselors and medical staff for one week to help make Summer Camp a safe, fun and memorable


    As a volunteer, you will be a camper’s “buddy” for the week as you Participate in adaptive camp experiences, games, dances, meal times and more. You will also take on the role of 24-hour caregiver, friend and confidence-builder.

    Medical Staff will supervise and maintain the health and wellbeing of campers and may include: MD, DO, PA, NP, RN, BSN, RT, PT or OT.

    Physician Champion: Robert H. Friedman

    Website | 208-327-0107

    ACMS High School Physicals

    This high quality physical involves volunteer physicians, physical therapists, coaches and athletic trainers to provide the Idaho mandatory pre-participation physical for 9th and 11th graders. All proceeds from the nominal fee of $20 reverts back to the student's high school for various athletic training equipment or use.

    Website | 208-336-2930


    If you want to build something into your life and be part of a close knit team, this is a great option.

    Genesis Community Clinic
    Garden City

    Provides acute and chronic medical, dental, mental health and prescription services and referrals to specialists for people caught in the Medicaid GAP. Volunteer hours vary during the week.

    Physician Champions: Dr. Daniel Reed, Dr. Gabe Garber, Dr. Micheal Adcox

    ​Website | 208-384-5200​

    Marie Blanchard Friendship Clinic
    Boise Bench

    Provides acute medical and limited chronic health, mental health and prescription services to people caught in the Medicaid GAP. Volunteer hours on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

    Physician Champion: Dr. Kim Stutzman
    WEBSITE | 208-429-6678

    Vineyard Medical Clinic
    Garden City

    Provides ​free, walk-in, acute medical care to adults without medical insurance Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

    WEBSITE | 208-954-2059

    Genesis Community Health-CAnyon County Clinic

    Provides acute and limited chronic medical and mental health and prescription services and referrals to specialists for people caught in the Medicaid GAP. Volunteer hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

    WEBSITE | 208-455-1143


    If you know how to rough it and put aside efficiency, expectations, and ever high medical standards, you might be ready for an overseas medical service trip. Here's some locally connected organizations that our members have connected with.

    Expansion International, Kenya

    Physician Champion: Dr. Marietta Thompson

    Global Emergency Care Collaborative, Uganda

    Physician Champion: Dr. Heather Hammerstedt

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