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2020 ACMS Trunk-or-treat

12-12:30 PM Trunk Setup | ACMS Members attend 1-2:30 PM 


This is very late notice, but it took Central District Health a week to review our written health and safety plan - and they were impressed!

We are really happy to finally be able to offer our members a chance to safely reconnect with colleagues, let the kids (and adults) dress up, and to feel festive maybe for the first time in several months.

We invite you to host a trunk and hand out candy.

There is no cost for participation on your behalf - you are responsible for decorating, staffing your booth, and providing candy and we anticipate about 150 families.

We will allow our member guests to vote on People's Choice Awards. Prizes will be Pizza Parties delivered to your office staff. 

  • Best Costumes
  • Best Interactivity
  • Most Original
  • Most Creative Way to Provide Treats Safely

Strict safety protocols will be in place which must be adhered to by all attendees. After direct consultation with Central District Health, we have a plan to effectively mitigate the risk to low or moderate.

Trunk-Or-Treat Co-Host
Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine


  • A maximum number of families will be allowed to sign up for each 30 minute period and we request families to be respectful of not creating crowded spaces and will monitor to prevent such from happening.
  • All guests over age 2 must continuously wear effective face coverings that fit tightly and cover both mouth and nose. Since costume masks that have a breathing hole (i.e. plastic masks) are really not sufficient for this purpose, consider making a face covering as part of your child's costume.
  • Families and their members should stay at least six feet from others outside their family, including those handing out candy. While we want people to be social, we also want everybody to feel like they have the space to feel safe.
  • We ask that guests do not remove masks to eat candy on site and may consider “quarantining” candy for a few days before consumption.

What we'll require of Trunkers and their Staff/Volunteers

  • A maximum of 3 are allowed to staff trunks at any one time. This will help reduce our gathering numbers.

  • All trunk staff must continuously wear effective face coverings that fit tightly and cover both mouth and nose (unless they are taking a break far away from their booth and not near other people.) Costume masks that have a breathing hole (i.e. plastic masks) are not sufficient for this purpose.

  • Trunk staff should stay at least six feet from guest families and other Trunks' staff.
  • All candy must be wrapped and sealed. Trunk staff must wear gloves when preparing candy for handing out, opening bags, etc.
  • Any implements used for activities at trunks must be sanitized in between different households/family groups using them (i.e. fishing poles, balls, grabbers, etc.)


  • Plan an activity that allows children to be separated by distance or barriers from Trunk staff, such as a fishing game behind a curtain or cardboard, an easy golf putting hole, soccer kick, or something similar. There's plenty of ideas on Pinterest.
  • Think of ways to deliver/hand out candy that would be fun, such as sliding candy down a tube into bags, hanging them off strings for kids to grab, putting them in baggies, using a remote control vehicle, etc.
  • Recognize kids (and adults) who are wearing face coverings properly with encouragement  to reinforce how they're helping keep others safe.
  • If you hand out candy with nuts, please indicate this on a sign somehow.

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