Idaho Coalition for Safe Reproductive Health Care

The ICSRHC is a growing coalition comprised of individual health care providers, as well as representatives from multiple medical specialty associations and healthcare delivery systems who share serious concerns regarding the ability to provide evidence-based medical care to pregnant persons due to Idaho §18-622 (Total Abortion Ban).

Since the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade, the Idaho medical community has been closely monitoring Idaho's abortion-related lows, including the fetal heart ban and the abortion trigger law. 

There are certainly differing opinions among the medical community, including amongst this coalition of healthcare providers, regarding our personal beliefs on "elective" termination. However, we are all aligned in our calling as health care professionals to provide safe, evidence-based care to the pregnant citizens of Idaho. The Idaho Coalition for Safe Reproductive Health Care (ICSRHC) which includes physicians, nurses, health care administrators, and representatives from multiple subspecialty organizations, was formed to share these concerns with Idahoans and work to improve these laws for the safety of our citizens and our health care teams.

Patients may arrive at our doorsteps with significant pre-existing health problems, or they may develop an early complication with their pregnancy. Many of these conditions are extremely common, such as ectopic pregnancy and early incomplete miscarriage. And there are of course lesser-known pregnancy complications that are equally as dangerous, including molar pregnancy, heterotopic pregnancy, twin-reverse anemia polycythemia sequence (TRAP), and high-order multiple gestations. The Total Abortion Bon outlaws the abortion of any type of "clinically diagnosable pregnancies" without any exception for serious, life-threatening pregnancy complications. Uncertainty about the risk of criminal charges for providing evidence­ based care during such a complication could result in catastrophic outcomes.

There are also many conditions that can occur concurrent with, or because of the pregnancy, such as pre-viable preeclampsia, cancer, pulmonary hypertension, and heart failure, just to name a few. With no option but to continue the pregnancy, patients with these conditions face an unacceptably high risk of death or permanent disability. Sadly, this could result in the loss of two lives, while also taking a mother from her children, a wife from a spouse, and a daughter from her parents. These cases are gut-wrenching for all involved. As health care providers we guide patients and their families with the best scientific evidence available, and we consult with their spiritual leaders, but ultimately the decision of who lives and who dies is the sole decision of the patient; not us, and most certainly not the lawmakers.

These laws also make no exception for lethal or severely life-limiting fetal diagnoses. Imagine you have been trying to get pregnant for years and finally the pregnancy test is positive! At your 20-week ultrasound, the news is devastating - anencephaly; the baby has no skull, no brain, no chance of survival. Continuing this pregnancy increases the risk of major maternal complications, while also further delaying the ability to conceive a healthy pregnancy.

Our mothers, our daughters, our relatives, our friends, and our colleagues - all the women in our state - are depending on us. the citizens of Idaho. the lawmakers. and the medical community, to get this right. The Total Abortion Ban and Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Ban, as they are currently written, are dangerously vague and excessively restrictive. This coalition implores you, the citizens of Idaho, to be compassionate and empowered. We are calling on you to contact your legislative representative, make your voice heard, and recommend revision of these laws to protect the women of our state from reproductive harm.


The Idaho Coalition for Safe Reproductive Health Care and an ever-growing number of members of the Idaho Medical Community

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ICSRHC Overview


1. Protect the doctor-patient relationship
2. Advocate for legislation change
3. Mitigate harms to the healthcare workforce
4. Support fetal palliative care
5. Ensure access to reproductive technology

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