Dr. Thomas Mohr addresses graduates and guests at ICOM’s inaugural commencement ceremony on May 13, 2022.The Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine announced that Dean and Chief Academic Office, Dr. Thomas Mohr, resigned and is accepting a position as Dean of the Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He returns to Texas to be closer to family and where he came from just prior to moving to Idaho. 

In a press release, ICOM President & CEO Dr. Tracy Farnsworth said that during his three year tenure, Dr. Mohr created the new Office of Graduate Medical Education and established hospital partnerships that have approved a plan to work with ICOM on establishing new GME programs to launch in 2024. He also praised Mohr's efforts in providing the leadership that resulted in ICOM students surpassing expectations with a national board pass rate, relatively low attrition rate, and the inaugural class’s 100% placement in postgraduate training programs.

ICOM’s recent receipt of a full 7-year accreditation from COCA with no substantive issues is also "largely due to the effective leadership of Dr. Mohr and his team," said Farnsworth, "while navigating the unprecedented waters of the COVID-19 Pandemic and managed to prioritize educational quality without compromising safety."

Dr. Kevin Wilson, DODr. Farnsworth named Dr. Kevin Wilson, who has been serving as ICOM's Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs, as the interim Dean/CAO and that ICOM would immediately begin the process of conducting a national search for a permanent replacement. ACMS was delighted to be invited take part in the community interview panel portion of the multi-stage hiring process set to begin later this summer.