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1. Verification of Membership

ACMS provides the PVP services for its own members, as well as other medical societies under contract. As with EAP programs, each of these may provide different benefits based on their agreement with ACMS. When a physician or other qualified member calls you for an appointment, please also ask under what membership organization they are seeking their covered services and confirm their eligibility below in the following order.

ACMS - Qualified Members Include

  • all licensed members of ACMS, including physicians (MD/DO), physician assistants (PA), nurse practitioners, and medical residents. This includes some who practice in Canyon County or other counties West/North of Ada County to the Oregon border and up to New Meadows if they have paid "secondary society" membership dues. (Mainly Full Circle Health medical residents). This also includes Elmore County members. Look up qualified ACMS members here and search by last name.
  • WWAMI Idaho medical students doing rotations in Idaho.
  • Retired ACMS members (who may dwell in or outside of Ada County).
  • Five (5) appointment hours are available per 12-month benefit period.
  • Currently, the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine medical students are not qualified for PVP; however, many of their dues-paying faculty members are.

Idaho Academy of Family Physicians - Qualified Members Include

  • all licensed and/or student member of IAFP. A current membership list is available upon request.
  • Five (5) appointment hours are available per 12-month benefit period (effective 4/17/23)
  • If an IAFP member is also a member of ACMS, use ACMS as the qualifying organization for a total of 5 appointments. You may not combine their dual eligibility and stack the covered number of appointments together.

If a new client insists they are a member of ACMS or IAFP, but can't be verified this route, please see them and establish them and contact the ACMS office to find out what is happening before the next appointment. There may be alternate ways to verify this while maintaining their confidentiality, and their membership may have lapsed or they may be confused about membership coverage.

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