2022 Annual Meeting Report

ACMS 2021 and 2022 YTD Financial Statements

Membership Types Year Over Year

All charts are supposed to tell a story. This story shows a doubling of total membership numbers from 2014 to present, except for active physician members which have only grown marginally compared to PAs, NPS, and medical students.

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Physician Membership by Employment Type Year Over Year

Another story shows that at least for ACMS member physicians, overall growth of hospital or health system employed physicians (St. Luke's and Saint Alphonsus) actually hasn't grown as rapidly as large group physicians (e.g. Primary Health Medical Group, Saltzer Health, specialty groups.) Nevertheless, we anticipate a strong growth pattern in 2023 as one of the hospital systems restores memberships given up in 2022.

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Active Physician Membership by Career Stage and Gender Year Over Year

Overall, female physicians are gaining ground as a percentage of ACMS members.

Early Career Physicians = Age 30-43

Mid Career Physicians = Age 44-57

Late Career Physicians = 58+ (if remaining active, not retired.)

*Represents native Ada County Members and does not include secondary society members from SWIMS.


ACMS 2021 Strategic Priorities Survey Results


Physician Vitality Program Utilization (2016-2022)

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