Physician Affinity Groups

Connecting members together is the heart and soul of Ada County Medical Society. When doctors build strong relationships with each other, it forms the basis of a strong medical community. It was easier when there were only 300 MDs here. But with an ever-increasing number of doctors in the Treasure Valley, the digitization of patient records, and numerous modern factors, we have to work at it a lot harder.

Here is a list of groups that are organized by various members of ACMS. 

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation means many different things to various people. Come share what is working for you and learn from others how to slow down and become more present. Check out our current schedule and get in touch with leaders at M&M Discussion and Practice Group.

Compassionate Communities Healthcare Movement

Compassionate Communities Healthcare Movement is an inter-generational community movement created to promote cooperative responsibility for the health of our communities, advance health equity and inspire compassionate action. In 2020, we launched the Compassionate Connections Community Healthcare Forum, opportunities for community members to come together informally to explore issues that impact the health of our communities, strengthen relationships & identify opportunities to enhance understanding, collaboration & community well-being.

For more information and a link to the Zoom meeting, visit

Idaho Clinicians for Climate and Health

Idaho Clinicians for Climate and Health is looking for healthcare workers from across the spectrum of specialties and professions. Respiratory therapists, physicians, nurse practitioners, speech and language professionals, physical therapists, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists…all are encouraged to join!

We are a group seeking to educate ourselves and the public about the scope of the problem and ways to make an impact, as well as organizing direct action and outreach. We are seeking to organize sustainability committees at healthcare organizations across the state of Idaho as we know that healthcare is a huge contributor to fossil fuel consumption and thus to climate change. Contact Dr. Ethan Sims for more information.

St. Luke's Lecture Series on Climate and Health

Rediscovering Meaning in our Work Discussion Group

According to a study at Mayo Clinic published in JAMA, physicians who participated in facilitated physician discussion groups reported increased empowerment and engagement at work - and the number of participants strongly agreeing that their work was meaningful increased.

In response to studies highlighting the value of ongoing physician discussion groups, we have organized a Rediscovering Meaning In Our Work physician discussion group in Boise. Each month, we explore a topic relevant to physicians. Our discussions are focused on physician well-being, meaningful work, and fulfillment in our lives. Please join us for relaxed conversations with peers. You are welcome to participate whenever it is convenient. We currently meet every other Sunday evening via Zoom. If you would like to join us or receive an email reminder for our meetings, please contact Dr. Deb Roman

The Art of Medicine Medical School Student Discussion Group

Medical school students are invited to join us for a relaxed, facilitated discussion group meeting to explore the art of the practice of medicine.  We meet via Zoom to explore relevant infectious disease and public health considerations and address the health and well-being of medical school students.  Please contact Dr. Deb Roman if you would like to join us.

Idaho Women in Medicine

Idaho Women In Medicine is here to bring together our Gem State women physicians for personal and professional wellness. Physician unity through laughter, community, and time together. Get to know the issues we each face across specialty lines. Get to know each other personally. When you need a consultant, you’ll KNOW them personally and can make each other's work lives easier by knowing what each other needs.  Let's step forward for ourselves and our patients, together. Contact Dr. Heather Hammerstedt for more information.

Community for Inclusion in Healthcare

The Community for Inclusion in Healthcare has sporadic meetings to drive conversations around the role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the area's medical community. Contact one of the individuals listed to find out more about upcoming meetings and opportunities. 

  • Dr. Andrea Christopher (Boise VA Medical Center)
  • Dr. Sarah Gerrish (Full Circle Health - Kuna Clinic)
  • Dr. Jess Duvall (Full Circle Health - Idaho Street Clinic)
  • Dr. Sara Swoboda (St. Luke's Children's)

Idaho Physician Well-Being Action Collaborative

In July of 2018, with support from the Idaho Medical Association, Dr. Ed McEachern and Dr. Deb Roman organized the Idaho Physician Well-Being Action Collaborative.  Theyinvited a diverse group of healthcare professionals in our community to work together to address the critical decline in physician well-being and high levels of physician suicide nationwide. We meet every two months to address system level healthcare issues.

As their first project, they chose to focus on simplification of medication prior authorization.  Specifically, they have worked to increase physician access to accurate medication prior authorization capabilities via EHR at time of service.  They have made significant progress and are currently sharing information with our medical community about ways to complete medication prior authorization (and access costs and alternatives) at time of service via EHR.  They are now working directly with payers to increase the efficiency of the prior authorization process and decrease the total number of prior authorizations.

To learn more or become in the Collaborative as they look forward to their next project, contact Dr. Roman or Dr. McEachern.

Boise Area Caduceus Group (Alcoholics Anonymous for Healthcare Professionals)

Thursday 7 PM. This is a closed group. Inquiries may be made through the Idaho Area 18 Alcoholics Anonymous page.

ACMS Small Group Kickstarter Funds Available

ACMS fully recognizes that while it aims to be a round table and town square in the middle of the local medical community, there are many who also convene physicians and others for collegial fellowship, encouraging and learning from each other, advocating for change, and strengthening the weave of our medical community. We call these affinity groups, even if we don't organize or lead them, and we want to see more started by members.

 If you have an idea for gathering ACMS members, but need a little seed investment, help talking through your concept, or promotion, we can help. We have established a small fund for individual members who wish to start hosting such meetings. You can fill this form out in advance of your event as an application for funds.

Unless there is a good reason not to, gatherings that are approved for kickstarter funding will be listed on the ACMS website or in its emails. This form is for new groups only and not those already established. If you have questions or want to talk your idea through with the ACMS director, please call Steve at the number below.