ACMS Volunteer Opportunities

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ACMS is led by a volunteer board of directors who are member physicians. They provide strategic direction for ACMS and input into the tactical activities and projects. But the ground-level work for many activities takes place through the executive director and a half-time staff member with significant help and counsel from various committees and work groups. There are multiple places in which members can get involved, grow in leadership skills along the way, and build a strong network with other members. Opportunities are also available for spouses or other medical community volunteers.

Board of Directors

The basic functions of the Board of Directors are to provide governance for member services and corporate activities, representation of ACMS on behalf of the membership, fiduciary responsibility for the stewardship of its assets, and supervision of the executive director.  Find out more about board service here

ACMS Winter Clinics (standing committee)

This committee works to plan the annual Winter CME event in McCall, selecting topics and speakers based on attendee feedback. It meets 3-4 times a year with most of the work occurring between spring and fall. Regular attendees of Winter Clinics would be welcome to apply for this role, although currently we have plenty of committee members.

Physician Vitality Program Committee (standing committee)

The PVP committee functions on behalf of the board to provide programmatic support, development, and policy oversight to the mental health benefit program. It also helps vet potential new mental health providers who wish to be a contractor for the program.

Physician Vitality Champions

This is a growing and somewhat nebulous group of physicians, students, administrators, and behavioral health professionals who currently meet quarterly. Our strategic aim is to promote the National Charter on Physician Well-Being (NCPW) as a local aspirational standard for the greater SW Idaho medical community. There are numerous opportunities here for cross-pollination, advocacy focused on legislation, insurance companies, physician employers, and teaching.  Learn more here.

Website Editors

ACMS maintains two websites that could use volunteer writers and content editors.

  • The website is focused mainly on its members and includes a growing library of resources including videos, articles, and links. It also posts current local or pertinent news, spotlights on its members, and articles contributed by members. In the future, we hope to profile members' creative pursuits in a gallery on our website.
  • The website is focused on promoting the efforts of the Capital Coalition and providing resources under the organization of the Charter for PWB principles and commitments.

Social Media

Although we have attempted to use social media to connect with members and the public, this requires much more intentionality and regular posts. We currently have backed away from spending much time on social media because our members just aren’t there in numbers that make sense to spend staff effort on. However, for the right volunteer, this could change.

Events Planning

While the two staff members of ACMS plan and execute events, there are usually opportunities to assist such as set-up and tear-down, check-in and greeting, and A/V assists. Plus, for people who enjoy “party planning,” we always can use creative input during our visioneering stages of event planning.

Outreach to Members

As our membership continues to swell, keeping a pulse with individual members and their needs grows more difficult with limited staff. Members who enjoy connecting with other members could become part of the eyes and ears and help provide the environmental scanning we need to make good decisions.

Contact the executive director at the email or phone number below for inquiries or conversations about any of these opportunities. If you don't see something here that floats your boat, let's talk. Different members have started their own initiatives such as the M&Ms Group (Mindfulness and Meditation). In fact, ACMS is willing to help kick-start and sponsor affinity groups. Learn more here.