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  • President, James Whitaker, DO
  • President-Elect, Deb Roman, DO
  • Secretary/Treasurer, Naya Antink, MD
  • Past-President, Alice Blake, MD


  • Amy Baruch, MD
  • Mike Foutz, MD
  • Elizabeth Kleweno, MD
  • George Thomas, DO


  • Michaela Frey, MD (2022-2023)


  • Stacia Munn, MD (IMA District IV Trustee A)
  • Elizabeth "Lisa" Swanson, MD (IMA District IV Trustee B)
  • Susie Keller, CEO, Idaho Medical Association
  • Steven Reames, Director, Ada County Medical Society

ACMS Board of Directors Information

Read about Board Service and Apply


Serving as an ACMS Board member

 Board Duties:

  • Establish policy, determine programs, approve the annual budget, and represent ACMS to the medical community.
  • Provide ongoing direction for planning, operation, and evaluation of ACMS and its Foundation's activities and programs.
  • Appoint, oversee and support the Executive Director.

Board Terms: All terms are one-year at a time commitments, from December-November each year. However, board service is a successive plan with members serving in an at-large position for up to four years before moving into the secretary/treasurer, president-elect, president, and past-president for one year at a time.

Applicants should be prepared to serve a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 years on the board. It is a light monthly service, but a long-term commitment.

Board Meetings: Applicants must be available to attend the majority of monthly meetings on the second Monday from 12-1 PM in Downtown Boise, although during COVID almost all meetings have been via Zoom.

Self-Nominations: Self-nominations are due by August 31, but you may apply at any time during the year using the form in the flyer to the left. In the fall, the board will select a new at-large board member from the pool of nominees to fill its open position(s).

Resident Representative: Boise residency programs may submit a candidate for election by the board by March 31st of each year if there is a pending vacancy.

Other Leadership Opportunities: There are multiple committees and workgroups to get involved with, even if you are not a board member. Take a look at how you can get more involved.

Current ACMS By-Laws

ACMS Policy Statement of Governing Intent
Diversity of Volunteer Leadership

Previous Board Presidents

Alice Blake, MD, 2022
Tom Pintar, MD, 2021
Stephanie Hodson, MD, 2020
Micheal Adcox, MD, 2019
Michael Sant, MD, 2018
Daniel Reed, MD, 2017
Stacia Munn, MD, 2016
Joe Williams, MD, 2015

Kyle Palmer, MD
Steve Bushi, MD, 2013
Bertram Stemmler, MD, 2012
Leslie Stubbs, MD, 2011
Vicki Wooll, MD, MPH, 2010
Ralph Sutherlin, DO, 2009
Stephen Schutz, MD, 2008

John Werdel, MD, 2007
Mickey Myhre, MD, 2006
Barbara Quattrone, MD, 2005
Kevin Rich, MD, 2004
David Rice, MD, 2003
Stephen Montamat, MD, 2002
Karl Watts, MD 2001