Some of our own members provide medical and consultation services that may be of use to other colleagues and ACMS accepts listing requests under the following conditions:

  • Listings are only available for current dues-paying members of Ada County Medical Society and ACMS receives no compensation for listings
  • Services and providers are not vetted or endorsed by ACMS for suitability for any particular issue
  • Members provided those services will not be compensated by ACMS under its PVP program
  • The ACMS board has the final authority as to whether they deem a listing request appropriate for this section of our website
  • This listing service may be discontinued at any time by ACMS with or without notice

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Abhilash Desai, MD*

Dr. Abhilash DesaiA practicing local psychiatrist offering training in stress management and resilience. Provides Pandemic-related mental health workshops for clinicians, residents, administrators, and students dealing with the negative ramifications of COVID-19.

List of Workshops (involves short meditations, reflection, sharing of difficult emotions, support)

  • Living Mindfully: A primer for the uninitiated
  • One Minute Meditations to reduce anxiety, abort panic and transform despair to hope.
  • Secondary Trauma
  • Moral Injury
  • Burnout
  • Five Invitations of Frank Ostaseski
  • Medical Poems
  • Self-Management Poems
  • Self-Compassion
  • Becoming Kinder
  • Harnessing the power of regret
  • Gratitude

Other Resources

  • Creating systems of care in an organization (e.g., hospital, nursing home) to mitigate the psychological impact of isolation on patients, their families and healthcare professionals.
  • Co-facilitates Mindfulness and Meditation group.


Contact at (857) 265-6766


*Dr. Desai is the volunteer medical director of ACMS' Physician Vitality Program.

Deb Roman, DO*

Dr. Deb RomanA Board Certified Family Physician offering integrative medicine consultations.

  • Cultivating Well-Being Coaching and Consultations for physicians, medical school students, and other healthcare professionals
  • Rediscovering Meaning In Our Work Physician Discussion Group every other Sunday at 7 PM via Zoom
  • Idaho Physician Well-Being Action Collaborative on the 2nd Friday every other month - co-facilitator
  • The Art of Medicine Medical School Student Discussion Group every other Saturday at 5 PM via Zoom
  • MnM: Mindfulness and Meditation Group every other Wednesday at 5 PM- co-facilitator
  • Compassionate Communities - intergenerational community healthcare movement 
  • Workshops, Presentations, and Conferences

*Dr. Roman is an ACMS board member and member of the ACMS Physician Vitality Champions workgroup.