This membership portal provides a multitude of ways to connect with other ACMS Members. To proceed to most of the links below, you will need to log in using your member username. Typically, this is your preferred email address we have on file. If you have not set a password, you may enter an email in the login field and click forgot password. Otherwise, please call or email our office at the address in the footer and we will help you get logged in. Watch this video to see how to login and/or reset your password. 

Find a friend with similar affinities and Interests Find a friend with similar affinities and Interests Find a mentor Find another creative member like you!

We started this initiative in 2020 as a way of helping facilitate member-initiated connections with other members.

FRIENDS - ACMS members pursue all sorts of hobbies outside of work and finding others who do the same is a great way to enrich your life.

MENTORS - Mentors can act as a guide to help others navigate the tricky terrain of a medical career.

CREATIVES - We have some seriously creative physicians who explore a range of outlets from astrophotography to xeriscaping.

LET OTHERS KNOW what affinities you might like to connect through or list yourself as a potential mentor to other ACMS Members Login and fill out this form below and it will immediately post to your profile, viewable by members only  

ACMS Community Forums

Once logged in you will be able to see and participate in community forums based on your member type or role in the medical community. Current forums include:

Ruins of the Greek Forums
  • ACMS Meet and Greet - Introduce yourself to the ACMS Medical Community. Let people know where your practice, your specialty, your medical interests, what you like to do for fun and self-care. (ACMS Members Only)
  • ACMS General Topics Discussion - This is a general discussion board not otherwise covered in other forums. (ACMS Members Only)
  • ACMS Medical Student Members - Just for WWAMI and ICOM student ACMS members.
  • Physician Vitality - General - This is a general, ACMS members-only forum for any member to talk about and share ideas, experiences, frustrations, and research about clinician well-being. (ACMS Members Only)
  • Mindfulness and Meditation - This forum is for any ACMS member, spouse, or interested person to discuss mindfulness and meditation practice and learn from each other.
  • COVID-19 - Discuss anything related to COVID-19. (In addition to ACMS members, those marked as healthcare administrators and medically licensable non-members also have access to this board.)
  • Buy-Sell-Trade-Rent For those looking to buy or sell products, rent property or equipment, or trade. Caveat Emptor. (ACMS Members Only)

My Community

Once you log in, you will also see a new tab show up with additional features. Watch this video for an introduction to My Community.

 My Community 

  • Shows a social media news wall of people you are connected to or activity in circles, forums, or committees you are attached to via this portal

My Profile

  • Upload a photo of yourself that will show up in the member-only area.
  • Granular Contact and Directory Display Preferences - Tell us WHICH emails you want to subscribe to, whether you want to appear in the public directories or member-only searches (friends, mentors, creators).
  • Privacy - see who is able to view your information in the member-only area.
  • Change password
  • Message History (emails we have sent via MemberClicks to you)
  • Invoices for events
  • Submissions (things you have posted on the portal)
  • Contact preferences - tell us if you want to unsubscribe from all emails from ACMS, social community email preferences, forum subscription notification preferences.


  • This is your member portal "friends" list - once you have connected with somebody in the directory, you can contact them via the inbox and see their online activity in the portal.
  • You can show all your current connections, browse or search the directory to reach out to others, and look at pending requests for connection from or to you. 

My Features

  • Circles - these are member-initiated groups. Any member can create one and invite their online member connections (they must first approve connecting with you.) Circles are listed publically and if you create one you can designate some of the ways people can be involved. Watch this video to find out how to use social circles.
  • Photos - feel free to share your photos with other members.
  • Committees - if you are a member of an ACMS committee, you can find committee documents, conversations, and other resources here.


  • Once you have connected with somebody in the directory, you can contact them via the inbox and vice versa.