ACMS Annual Membership Meeting

April 30, 2024 6-9 PM, Idaho Historical Museum

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You are invited to join us for our annual meeting in the beautiful and historically decorated Idaho Room at the Idaho State Historical Museum. Located at the entrance to Julia Davis Park, you will appreciate this newer addition to the museum which features a 1910 stained glass dome, once displayed in Boise’s Owyhee Hotel, a saloon bar from 1870, and an 1878 Weber Grand Piano.

This year's event will be free to licensed members, $35 for spouses

At the event, we will honor two long-time ACMS members as our 2024 Physicians of the Year.

Jeff Hessing, MDJeffrey Hessing, MD is an orthopedic shoulder surgeon known for his advocacy and support of independent physicians. He has practiced in the Treasure Valley since 1985 with Capital Surgical Associates (formerly Orthopedic Associates). He is one of the original founders and now the medical director of Treasure Valley Hospital, a physician-owned, non-emergency facility that he helped opened in 1996. Dr. Hessing is also a founding father of the Independent Doctors of Idaho formed in 2013 to support patients and physicians who prefer freedom in how they seek and provide healthcare. Through it, Dr. Hessing helped create IPAID, the most profitable network of physicians within Blue Cross products. He has served on the board of Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital, Ada County Paramedics, Saint Alphonsus Physical Therapy Institute, Saint Alphonsus Orthopaedic Institute, and on numerous other committees at Saint Al’s and Treasure Valley Hospital.

John Werdel MDJohn Werdel, MD is an OB-GYN physician in Boise, providing patient care through The Women’s Clinic and the medical staff of St. Luke’s since 1991. He is widely known as a compassionate, thoughtful, pragmatic, and fair doctor to patients. With colleagues, he has provided both comfort and a shoulder to cry on and encouragement with a joke to lift the spirits. He has served in medical leadership throughout his career, as medical director of women’s services for St. Luke’s Health System, president of Ada County Medical Society, and chair of Idaho’s chapter of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Most recently, he has been very active in the fight to ensure patients have access to necessary maternal-fetal care, working closely with the Idaho Coalition for Safe Healthcare.


Featured Entertainment
The Afrosonics were formed in 2013, and has performed at venues such as Treefort, The Festival at Sandpoint, World Village, Folklife Festival (Seattle), Art in the Park, Boise 150th Celebration, and other social gatherings. 

Out of the desire to bring communities together, Afrosonics creates music featuring a collective of musicians from the Middle East, Europe, Africa, South America, and the United States. At the heart of the group’s progression, the band has conscientiously integrated new American musicians (former refugees from war-torn areas of the world) into the collective that is Afrosonics. The genre twist deepens with the infusion of Idaho musicians into the collective with roots in country, rock, jazz, and opera.

In a world of negative messages, we represent a positive hope to bring a harmonious voice to all. 


This year's event will be free to licensed and retired members, $35 for spouses/partners; free for medical residents and $20 for resident spouses/partners.

RSVP By April 16 


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