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Expanded COVID Eligibility for Non-Members (8/9/21-1/31/22)

Our board voted to reestablish this expansion, in partnership with the IMA Foundation, due to the ongoing challenges for clinicians around the COVID-19 Pandemic. The following classes are allowed up 3 appointments during this temporary eligibility expansion.

a) All currently licensed physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners practicing in Ada/Elmore Counties who are NOT ACMS members.

b) All currently licensed physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners practicing anywhere in Idaho if they are an Idaho Medical Association member.

Recognizing the crushing stress and work load that physicians face today, this program is provided as a membership benefit with confidential,  convenient, competent and cost-free access. Ada County Medical Society is nurturing a medical community where physician vitality forms the basis of providing excellent patient care.


Our providers are sensitive to keeping your personal and professional reputation intact. Your participation in this program is completely voluntary and confidential and may not be mandated as a condition of employment. Neither ACMS, your employer, nor the Board of Medicine will be notified if you choose to participate.

  • No medical diagnosis - only limited therapy notes are kept on paper
  • No insurance billing - ACMS has a billing process that allows for no participant names to be submitted
  • Limited electronic record created (e.g. calendaring, consent to treat, telehealth software, all of which will be disclosed and explained by therapist).

Participants must sign an understanding of the therapist's limits of confidentiality under certain legal statutes. Please review our consent to treat forms prior to your first appointment.


Our therapists have been vetted by physicians for their experience with and sensitivity to the challenges which doctors commonly face and we do verify licesning. However, we do not necessarily independently verify all claims of experience or certification nor do we guarantee suitability for any particular issue for which an ACMS member may seek help. Please review the credentials of therapists per your own standards.

"This program effectively removes a great deal of barriers for physicians to access the counseling they need. I think it's one of the best uses of resources to improve the well being of our docs in the community. This is a great resource and I'm happy to donate to this cause." -Justin Korinek, MD, Vituity


To make an appointment, click on the GET HELP NOW BUTTON ABOVE to find a therapist. Identify yourself as a member of Ada County Medical Society and that you are utilizing this benefit. If you meet the expanded temporary eligibility standards, please say so and under what conditions.

If you are having trouble getting an appointment, you may call or text (415) PVP-ACMS (787-2267) for assistance, though your anonymity with ACMS may not be absolutely preserved from the executive director at that point if caller ID shows up. 

Cost-Free Access

A portion of membership dues and your tax-deductible donations to the ACMS Foundation  help make this program possible

Appointments are available during hours physicians can access in Boise, Meridian, Nampa and via Telehealth. 7 AM-7 PM, Monday - Friday are typical and some evening and weekend hours are also available.

Beginning January 1, 2021, the free benefit for ACMS members has been reduced to up to FIVE (5) sessions per twelve-month period (starting with the first appointment.)

Eligible members include: 
physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners; residents, active or retired. Family may attend counseling sessions with members, but the client of record is the ACMS member and must be present.

For more resources, check out our Physician Vitality Initiative Page


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