Recovering Your Joy

Practicing medicine was supposed to be an amazing calling filled with personal connections
compassionate care
and meaningful work.

But somewhere along the way everything changed and a lot of doctors feel robbed.

ACMS is working hard
to change that.


ACMS will launch the "Capital Coalition for Physician Well-Being" to organize and coordinate local efforts at various institutions. Work will be based off the principles of the Charter on Physician Well-Being.

ACMS organizes multiple clinician focused suicide prevention gatekeeper trainings (QPR) as a result of a St. Luke's CHI grant.

As a result of advocacy efforts,  Idaho's Board of Medicine changes application questions around clinician mental health.

ACMS takes part in multiple regional trainings to help establish more county society sponsored counseling services.


ACMS co-sponsors Rediscovering Meaning in our Work two day conference.

ACMS hosts a Physician Vitality series featuring national speakers on physician burnout: Dike Drummond, Paul Dechant, and Colin West.

ACMS' counseling program provides 136 sessions for 22 members (plus carryover from prior year) during its second year.

ACMS helps co-produce and publish a free toolkit on launching a medical society sponsored Physician Wellness Program

ACMS launches, a resource website.

ACMS advocates for Board of Medicine and employer changes to credentialing and licensing processes around questions that inquire about clinician mental health.

ACMS advocates for changes to Physician Recovery Network contracts to take into account more than just addiction issues.


ACMS advocates for system level changes within hospitals after the suicide of a local physician.

ACMS counseling program provides care for 45 members through 149 sessions during its first full twelve months of operations.

ACMS begins monthly blog focused largely on physician wellness issues.

ACMS maintains quarterly wellness committee which allows for collaboration between hospitals, medical groups, and solo providers.


ACMS begins leaning into physician wellness and burnout issues as a strategic priority.

ACMS organizes physician wellness committee to lead the establishment of a counseling program as a member benefit, launching it in November 2016.

ACMS begins video podcast series on wellness topics and building personal resilience.

Director: Steven Reames,  (208) 336-2930
Membership Assistant: Jennifer Hawkins, (208) 344-7888
305 W Jefferson Street Ste 101, Boise ID 83702  FAX (208) 336-3294

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