celebrating 60 years of WINTER CLINICS

Celebrating Sixty Years of "Ski-M-E"

In 1959, the first ‘Mid-winter Scientific Meeting’ was hosted by Southwest Idaho Medical Society (SWIMS) at Shore Lodge. That following January, the Idaho Medical Association granted a charter for Ada County Medical Society (ACMS) to break off from the SWIMS territory. Each year, from then until 1984, ACMS and SWIMS jointly or alternately organized ‘The Winter Clinics.'

This year, we celebrated the sixty-year legacy of the annual medical education conference. On Friday evening, a crowd sung 'Happy Birthday to Winter Clinics" while retired physician, Dr. Eric Stackle, cut the cake and blew out the candles. We also took pains to point out that at least three of the four Dr. A.C. Jones and family from Boise have been fixtures at Winter Clinics since the very beginning.

It was not too long ago that keeping the weekend event alive was in doubt, due to declining attendance. But this year, several longtime attendees commented wistfully that there were so many younger families beginning to bring their children to enjoy the weekend together year after year and they had hope for it to remain viable

This year's focus on neurological care was kicked off by local epilepsy specialist Dr. Robert Wechsler, followed by discussions on movement disorders, stoke care and prevention, dementia care, and assessment of vertigo and balance, and treating depression. Saturday morning was devoted to medical cannabis, CBD oil, and the current state of politics on the issue in Idaho; for the most part, we were able to stay out of the weeds and hit the high points.

With an overwhelming amount of snow on the ground, this skiers raced head-to-head competitions on Badger run and some new champions emerged. Dr. Andrew Southard wrested the trophy from dominant men's skier Dr. Chris Gussner, who had won 12 of the last 20 years. The Gretchen Hecht Women's Ski Trophy went to 17-year-old Anna Gussner for the second year in a row. Telemark skier Dr. Mark Boerner was awarded a bottle of four-buck chuck for "best attempt," taking home the Travelling Horn award. Geriatric fellow and dementia speaker Dr. Scott Christensen happily took first out of one in our snowboard racing exhibition.

Next year's theme is slated to focus on Envisioning the Future of Medicine and Technology and appropriately will start on 02-20-2020. 

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