New Residents' Aloha Welcome Dinner

Wednesday, June 26, 2024, 6:00-8:30 PM
Water Center Building - Legacy Point Conference Room (322 E Front St, Boise, ID 83702)


As a new medical resident in Ada or Canyon Counties, we want to introduce you to something special: close-knit relationships in the medical community. Welcome to your Ada County and Southwest Idaho Medical Societies (Canyon County). What I hope you will find while training in the Treasure Valley is that although there is friendly competition in every market, the emphasis here is mostly on friendly.

During your orientation week, all new and existing Treasure Valley medical residents and residency faculty members are invited for a free dinner. This will be held Wednesday, June 26, from 6-8:30 PM, in the Legacy Pointe Conference Room at the Water Center Building downtown. 

During the evening, we will tell you more about resources you can use during your training here, have some fun getting to know each other, and play some head-to-head trivia. Then we will get out of the way and let you get to know some of your fellow residents and attending physicians better and enjoy the incredible view of the Foothills and downtown Boise from the Ballroom. This is a Tropical Island themed event and you are encouraged to wear your loud Tommy Bahama shirts, a floral print, or whatever else you feel comfortable in. Boise's beloved Kanak Attack will be catering our meal.

As you enter residency, we understand that apart from the insides of a hospital, this may be the last nightlife you see for a while and you will develop incredibly tight bonds with other residents. But what we have heard over and over is that many attending doctors miss those days and often use '"organized medicine" (aka their medical society) as a means of staying connected with their colleagues. We hope you will too.




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