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 3. PVP Client and Provider Resources

These hand-selected resources may be of complementary use to your clients during treatment and may be specific to their employment or medical staff membership.


Emergency Contact Information for Telehealth Visits

Please print or bookmark the linked page below should you have an emergency mental health crisis with a member during a telehealth session. Note which counties are covered by which district, which is part of the client consent to treat form process. https://healthandwelfare.idaho.gov/services-programs/behavioral-health/behavioral-health-crisis-resources

Physician Vitality Program Medical Director, Abhilash Desai, MD

Any PVP Mental Health Provider may call our medical director for anonymous or emergent clinical input on PVP clients. You may call (857) 265-6766 or email [email protected].


Health Professionals Recovery Network (HPRP) formerly known as Physician Recovery Network/Program for Recovering Nurses (PRN)

If at any time you believe one of your clients is impaired to the point that it creates a patient safety or licensure issue, this is a crucial resource to potentially save their medical/nursing license. Typically this is because of chemical addiction, but can also include process addictions, behavioral health conditions, functional impairment, mental health issues, and more. They provide assessment, treatment, and recovery monitoring and support of other licensees who have been through similar treatment. Optimally, medical licensees would voluntarily enter the confidential PRN program and if they do so and continue with the program, they can usually continue to work and keep their license intact, without the Board of Medicine or Nursing become aware of their participation. They may also be referred to the PRN by their employer or their licensing board and mandated to participate. For more information and a confidential assessment of whether your client might need to enter the program, you may call the current Idaho Board of Professional Licensing contractor, Southworth & Associates, at 844-521-0523.

Boise Area Caduceus Group (Alcoholics Anonymous for Healthcare Professionals)

Thursdays 7 PM. This is a closed group. Inquiries may be made through the Idaho Area 18 Alcoholics Anonymous page.

Peer-to-Peer Programs

Both St. Luke's and Saint Alphonsus have programs allowing for confidential informal support of their medical staff from other providers trained specifically for this purpose. In addition to your professional counsel and therapy, your client may wish to speak to a peer who has been through similar challenges. Eligible medical providers may be part of a solo or independent practice or a medical resident who is not directly employed by the hospitals, but who have medical privileges there. These programs are written into the hospital's peer review by-laws, meaning they are legally covered from discovery

By Employer

St. Luke's Health System

Call the Physician Well-Being Help Desk (anonymous, automated support line with several options) at (208) 381-1111 or email [email protected] (monitored by St. Luke's Medical Staff Office.) The St. Luke's Provider Well-Being Center of Excellence has a public and private web page with further resources. 

Saint Alphonsus Health System

Email Dr. Guillermo.Guzman-Trevino for a confidential connection to the Saint Al's Peer to Peer Program.

Other Employer Specific Resources

Full Circle Health/Family Medicine Residency Program

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services are available through BPA Health. www.bpahealth.com/eap-home/ 800-726-0003

All interns are eligible for one free coaching session with Dr. Katie Schneider and up to two extra sessions with her for any of the residents may be requested. 

  • Boise - Dr. Sandy Mudge and Dr. Janae Krahn (Resident Wellness Contact); Dr. Molly McCormick (Faculty Wellness Contact)
    • Monthly Balint Groups are offered for interns every 4 weeks with Dr. Allison Bastian and Winslow Gerrish
  • Caldwell -Dr. Susan Martin, PsyD (Associate Director of Behavioral Sciences)
  • Nampa - Dr. Robbie Crouch (Resident Wellness Contact); Dr. India King, PsyD (Director of Behavioral Sciences)
  • Magic Valley 

Physician Coaching

We have a few local physicians who are trained or certified in various coaching skills, be it personal development, mindfulness, weight management, or occupational growth


Mentoring is considered one of the best ways for physicians to grow in their personal and professional development. ACMS has a mentor look-up tool of members who have made themselves available as mentors. This is behind our membership wall and we have opened up access to you an ACMS contracted mental health provider to see how the tool works and demonstrate it if you think your client could use it. You will need to login to the website using the email used for your PVP billing.  

Affinity Groups

If your client needs connection to a group of other members, ACMS has multiple members who have started a variety of affinity groups. Some of these are restricted to physicians only. Take a look at our current listings here.

Medication Management

Do you have a client who needs medication management? We have a psychiatrist who can fast-track a healthcare provider who needs to become an established patient of record based on your recommendation for evaluation. Please contact Steven Reames for this name.